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Beach Engagement / Coltan + Tayla / Newport Beach, California

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

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How many people have gone to the beach, but always make it a point to watch the sunset and not the sunrise?

For Coltan + Tayla's beach session, we rose before the sun came up and walked down to Newport Beach for a romantic start to our morning. Newport Beach is the ultimate vacation destination in Southern California, where laid-back luxury meets the state's most pristine beaches, but to these two, this is home! Despite their busy lives, these two have always made it a point to make time to walk down to the beach for sunset at the end of each day, but they were stoked when I had mentioned photographing during sunrise instead. We watched the sun come up over the horizon from one of the lifeguard posts, as they always do, and then we simply walked the length of the beach for these incredible shots. Just look at that pastel sky!

Beach engagement couple photos

beach engagement couple photos california


Dovile Reid Photography is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based out of Boulder, CO with a major emphasis on adventure. Unless stated otherwise, all blog and social media posts are written from the perspective of Dovile Reid.

Dovile fell in love with capturing images that create a memory or a sense of feeling in someone's life. She believes life is too short to let beautiful moments pass by and that's why she has dedicated her passion of photography to capturing true and candid moments that her clients can cherish for a lifetime.

Photography for the Adventurous

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