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Dreamy Bohemian Elopement / Claire & Kason / Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Dovile Reid Photography- Photography for the Adventurous

... Why choosing to Elope might be the right choice for you ...


Both Utah natives, Claire & Kason chose one of the most romantic and intimate ways to celebrate their wedding day. Surrounded by nothing but the salt below them and the mountains around them, these two said their vows to each other and started their grand journey as husband and wife on their own terms. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it could have been any more beautiful than this...

adventure elopement utah

Bonneville salt flats elopement
Bonneville salt flats adventure elopement

Are you looking to Elope? Want a day that actually reflects who you are as a couple?

A "just us" experience?

Eloping is a difficult decision to make, especially with all the pressure from friends & family, but if you're looking for something less stressful, more fun, and something that focuses on what matters to you as a couple over the frills of a large wedding, eloping might just be the right choice!

Bonneville salt flats adventure couple
vast dramatic landscapes

Choosing to elope grants you the freedom to decide how and where you want to commit your lives together. It's a way to celebrate your love in the most romantic, wildest and magical way you can dream up.

couples photos salt flats
epic couples photos
Bonneville salt flats epic couples photos

You can create a day that represents who you are as a couple and how you want to start the biggest journey of your lives together. Throw the rulebook out, create your own traditions and plan the best damn day to celebrate the start of your lives together!

(Spoiler Alert: you can still incorporate your religious beliefs, invite close family & friends, as well as have a cake and eat it too!- eloping allows you to choose the most important parts of your wedding day that mean the most to you.)

adventure wedding elopement
utah adventure wedding elopement
wedding elopement photographer utah
best elopement photographer
best elopement photographer
couple elopement photos

Life is an adventure and eloping means you can have the adventure of a lifetime!

Contact me to start planning your dream wedding

Bonneville salt flats utah elopement
adventure elopement photographer
sunset elopement photographer
adventure elopement photographer

Adventure Elopement Photographer

- Colorado and Beyond -


Hair & Make-up: @kalichris

Event: @essential_photography

Bride & Groom: @clairelarsen7 + @kason.larsen


Dovile Reid Photography is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based out of Boulder, CO with a major emphasis on adventure. Unless stated otherwise, all blog and social media posts are written from the perspective of Dovile Reid.

Dovile fell in love with capturing images that create a memory or a sense of feeling in someone's life. She believes life is too short to let beautiful moments pass by and that's why she has dedicated her passion of photography to capturing true and candid moments that her clients can cherish for a lifetime.

Photography for the Adventurous

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