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Intimate & Remote Alaskan Elopement / Nida & Domantas / Seward, AK

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Dovile Reid Photography- Photography for the Adventurous


A spontaneous, intimate, romantic and especially unique elopement session in the heart of Alaska's most beautiful landscape.

adventure elopement Alaska

When these two contacted me after their engagement, they were set on having a huge wedding back home with all their friends and family. As the planning continued, and they realized their own vision of what marriage is all about was dwindling away with the increasing costs of flowers, invitations to people they barely knew, headaches of continuous family drama, and just the overall stress of organizing the whole event, they reached out again with a completely different idea...

As elopements have increased in popularity the last few years, brides and grooms are reaching for the stars and creating their own unique and non-traditional ceremonies. Ceremonies that are tailored to the couple themselves and express their love story. Nida and Domantas wanted something extraordinary and something they would not have dreamt of doing, unless it was as special as vowing to spend the rest of their lives together in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

adventure elopement Alaska


They planned a week long trip to Alaska, and incorporated the ceremony into this grand adventure that ended up being over 5,000 miles away from their home! As adventurous souls, they were able to knock off one of their Bucket List destinations and go home with memories to share for a lifetime. They spent the days leading up to the elopement hiking in Denali National Park, touring Wildlife Sanctuaries, and visiting the small fishing towns on the Kenai Peninsula until they reached the small town of Seward, AK at the head of Resurrection Bay. After a full day of exploring Kenai Fjords National Park by boat the day before, the two got ready in the morning at the Adobe Well Cabins, near Exit Glacier, and then headed down towards a secluded beach overlooking Derby Cove. Their ceremony was intimate, romantic, and personal to their love story. The best part was that they were able to video it all live to include their family during their special moment!

What a story to tell!

adventure elopement Alaska

Alaska's rugged and "untouched" landscape is as diverse as it is immense, which will leave you in sensory overload no matter what time of year you visit.

vast dramatic Alaska landscape

vast dramatic alaska landscape

Have questions about planning an Elopement in Alaska? Reach out- I'm happy to help!


Dovile Reid Photography is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based out of Boulder, CO with a major emphasis on adventure. Unless stated otherwise, all blog and social media posts are written from the perspective of Dovile Reid.

Dovile fell in love with capturing images that create a memory or a sense of feeling in someone's life. She believes life is too short to let beautiful moments pass by and that's why she has dedicated her passion of photography to capturing true and candid moments that her clients can cherish for a lifetime.

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