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PNW Backpacking Elopement/ Alex + Kenny / Mt. Hood, Oregon

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

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One reason I absolutely love elopements is that there are no rules for what YOUR wedding day should look like. Your day can be anything you possibly dream up - with or without any of the traditions of a "regular" wedding. Choosing to elope grants you the freedom to create a day about two people madly in love, in the destination they feel most alive, and on their own terms, celebrating their commit to one another.


Alex + Kenny had a perfect "definition" of what an elopement is truly about: they completed a backpacking trip in the Mt. Hood area that they have been dreaming about for years and then chose to head to Trillium Lake to get married with Mt. Hood in the background! They curated an adventure that was profoundly theirs to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

* So no, they did not hike in their Converse + Vans! ;)

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Mt Hood National Forest covers over a million acres and is home to the highest point in Oregon- Mt. Hood itself! Located east of Portland and just south of the Columbia River Gorge, this location makes it easily accessible and the perfect representation of what the Pacific Northwest is all about!

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"Thank you for the best memories."

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Eloping is not for everyone, but neither is a traditional wedding.

My best piece of advice? Discover which option suits both of you in the most truest form of yourselves both individually and as a couple. That's what the right type of wedding should look like. Be true to your love, your relationship and yourselves.

Adventure Elopement Photographer

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Dovile Reid Photography is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based out of Boulder, CO with a major emphasis on adventure. Unless stated otherwise, all blog and social media posts are written from the perspective of Dovile Reid.

Dovile fell in love with capturing images that create a memory or a sense of feeling in someone's life. She believes life is too short to let beautiful moments pass by and that's why she has dedicated her passion of photography to capturing true and candid moments that her clients can cherish for a lifetime.

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