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Photography for the Adventurous


Hey! It's me!

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I'm an adventurer and creative at heart

If I'm not out taking photos, I'm spending time with my family or "The Wolf Pack"- (aka my husband and two dogs). I'm a believer that happiness comes from the experiences you choose and the company you keep - life's too short and the world is too unpredictable to let beautiful moments pass. 


I work with couples, families, and individuals who share the same philosophy and give me the honor to hear their own unique stories. 

Creating unforgettable memories through experiences is the fire behind my work. We will capture beautiful moments and go home with memories to share for a lifetime! 


I am here for you and your moment- tell me your dreams and desires for your epic day, whom you want to share it with, and I will be there to capture it for you!

Based in Boulder, CO but travel worldwide

Tell me your story and I'll capture it


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